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by King Leonidas on Apr 07, 2014 at 10:52 AM

This is Sparta!

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List of a MUST have & useful 3.3.5 addons for PvE and PvP content
Get informed about the guild ranks
Boe items, you can get them with your DKP's

Events Schedule

Sign up for our raids, dont expect to get invite right away
If you want to raid with us get your Raidcall up. 7415269


Folow them, and you will gain Respect, and Ranks.
Welcome to Sparta We Fight together, We Triumph Together, we are not only kind and helpful, but serious and successful wether our goals are pve or pvp! Information about our guild and rules
Rules and Introduction >>>HERE<<<

DKP&Raid rules: Right Here

The most precious and valuable items are being held in the Treasury.

There is a new thread for the officers application. If you are interested, take your time and read it >>>here<<<

Our Guild is currently playing at Molten-WOW , Deathwing server.

Our Guild is based on Respect , Honor and Guts. It doesn't matter how many times we wipe at one boss , we will keep going until that son of a **** goes down . Be Patient, no one is perfect we make mistakes and from them we will learn.